Top Natural Treatments for Acne Scars

At some point in life, most people suffer from acne for a short period of time.  However, for many people, acne can be so severe that it can leave permanent scars.  While most people think getting cosmetic surgery or spending a fortune at their dermatologist is the only option, there are still natural remedies to restore scared skin.


Lemon/Lime Juice


Fresh lemon or lime juice is one great way to help shrink scars.  Simply squeeze out the juice of a lemon and apply it to the scar using a cotton swab.  Let the juice soak into the scar for some time before you wash your face.  It will help lighten the scar and make it less visible, while costing hardly anything and using up little time.

Sandalwood and Rosewater


You can also use sandalwood and rosewater to make a paste to place on your acne scar.  This paste will work as a face mask; just leave it in place for an hour or longer (overnight works well).  This can help reduce the redness and visibility of an acne scar, leaving skin smoother and at a lighter color tone.


Tomato Slices


Another option for acne treatment is to use tomato slices on scar areas.  Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin A, which helps to refresh and rejuvenate scar tissue.  If you feel like taking a different route in scar treatment, consider using olive oil.  Massaging olive oil into the scar tissue will moisturize the skin and help reduce the visibility of your scars.  Honey also works well as a moisturizer here.

Cucumber Paste or Juice


Finally, you can also treat scar tissue with fresh cucumber paste or juice.  Cucumber reduces inflammation in the skin and can actually help to heal the scars over time.


Although acne is a painful and damaging condition, its effects don’t have to be permanent or expensive to treat.  With the right care and natural remedies, your skin will be restored and brought back to life in no time.

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