Save Money on Your Next Movie Theatre Trip

Do you want to take your family to the movies without breaking the bank? A visit to the movie theater can quickly devour your pocketbook, but if you’re smart you can save a bundle. Here are some easy tips for saving big on your next trip to the theater.

The first tip is to see a matinée. A theater is never as crowded during the day, so matinée tickets are priced lower than night shows. This is even better for children because a less crowded theater means it is easier to keep track of them. It also ensures that the kids will be home from the theater in time for bed!

Another great way to save money at the theater is to make sure your bellies are full before the show. Food and snacks at the movie theater are quite expensive, and while it’s nice to have a tub of popcorn during the movie, it’s much nicer to have a full wallet afterward. By avoiding expensive theater food, you can lower the cost of your theater visit drastically.

One more great way to lower the cost of your trip to the theater is to wait until the second or third week after a movie is released to see it. If it’s a popular movie, waiting means you will avoid the crowds, and avoiding a crowded theater saves you time. The less time standing and waiting, the less you are tempted by the expensive snacks or the pricey souvenirs. Your children will also be less tempted to beg for money to play the video games in the lobby.

By following these simple suggestions, your next trip to the theater doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So get up early, chow down, and hit that empty theater in style!




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