The Golden Globes Verses the Academy Awards What’s the Difference?

Both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards are prestigious movie award ceremonies, dedicated to honoring the best in the entertainment industry.  However, are the Golden Globes much different to the Academy Awards?


First, you should know that the Golden Globes has not been around for nearly as long as the Academy Awards, though this translates to a bit of snobbery and stuffiness for the Oscars.  The Academy Awards are also more geared toward honoring the Hollywood elite and their pet projects.  In addition, the celebrities at the Academy Awards are certainly more uptight due to the fact that the Academy Awards is seen as being more serious than the olden Globes.


The Golden Globes, on the other hand, bring a bit more fun to the party.  The awards given out better match what the average moviegoer really feels, rather than being designed to pay lip-service to the Hollywood mainstays.


In addition, the Golden Globes are generally more entertaining to watch, or at least the Golden Globes offer entertainment that a greater variety of people can enjoy.  The influence of the Golden Globes founders can certainly be felt here (the Hollywood Foreign Press), so this award ceremony is not quite as stodgy as the venerable Academy Awards.


The Golden Globes win out as the more enjoyable award ceremony for several reasons, including being more fun to watch, rewarding films that more ‘everyday’ people enjoyed and being generally easier going.  Even the celebrities attending the Golden Globes seem to understand that this is a better venue than the Oscars, seeming to have more life, as well as enjoying themselves more.

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