Why the iPod Rules Over the MP3 Player World

The world of entertainment is shifting fully into the digital age.  Although the forecasted Solid State Technology (SST) is still a little way off, digital MP3 files are now the way to listen to music or watch movies, and the iPod and iTunes make this easier than ever. 


Though there are dozens of other music players available, the iPod is still the top of the heap and for very good reason.  Apple, Inc. released their music player just as others were introducing MP3 players, but the iPod had them all beat in terms of data storage and ease of use.  The sleek design of the iPod was more appealing than its clunky counterparts, and so intuitive with its single clickwheel that even a small child can quickly figure out how to use it.  Best of all, the iPod could be used with iTunes, making the purchase and transfer of music to the portable device easier than ever.  Though the iPod can be used with other music players, iTunes is the only one that allows you to purchase music, organize your files, receive suggestions for new artists, and sync to the iPod with no hassles. 

Other companies have tried to mimic the iPod, but Apple is always one step ahead of the competition.  Over the years, the iPod’s storage capacity has increased, the user interface has become easier, and its cousin the iPhone can now download music directly from iTunes without the need for a computer.  There are no other music players that can accomplish these things, making Apple the king of the digital music age. 

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