7 Tips on Finding the Best Deals on Tires

The most important components of a car, without a doubt, are its tires. Imagine a car without a tire; it is like you have all the important ingredients for making a tomato soup but don’t have tomatoes. A helpless situation, isn’t it? There are so many options, varieties when it comes to tires, and you need to get the best deal which is not easy. Tires can be pretty expensive if you don’t have the right amount of knowledge. It is important to know what type of tire you require before buying a tire for your car, and then go through all the available brands of tires, compare them, and find the best deal. There are many discounts, vouchers and tire coupons on a tire available in different seasons starting mostly November and April. So it is very important that you are updated on its various deals and tire coupons which you get online. It is not exactly as easy as simply said. Buying right tires at a right price using tire coupons can be tricky, and you might get fooled by tire dealers. When there was no internet, people bought tires from the stores. They searched for the right ones from store to store to find the best deal. But with changing technology, many online websites have made tire shopping much easier and time-saving.

So here are the following seven tips on how to find best deals on tires. Make sure you note all of them:

Know the brand and type of tire you need

Choose the tire that bests suits your car type and then look for the right price. When you know what brand tire you want, buy them from a specific brand dealer as they get you a much better price on the brand they own because they buy them directly from the factory. So without much haggling, you get to buy the right deal from one place. Tire selection is important for your safety and your family’s. Before buying a tire, do complete research on what you need and what is the best price the dealer could offer you.

Never from the dealer

Simply say no to a dealership. They trick you and charge twice the amount that a local shop offers you. They look for their profit and trick the consumers by selling tires at huge rates. Going to the dealership is, therefore, a costly option.

Discounted tire retailer

They are wholesale tire distributors that sell tires at extreme discounts and give you tire coupons. They not only offer low prices but also save a lot of time by delivering them to your doors. Hence, its good for both, your pocket and time.

Online tire shopping

Shop around online to find the best deals and tire coupons on tires. It saves time and money for installation. However, if you want them to get installed there are many online sites which ship the tires to a mechanic of your choice, who performs the actual installation. Online store like TireRack offers a great variety of deals on tires. Here you can search for the right type of tires you want at the lowest possible prices. It has a wide network and delivers services even in smaller town and cities.

Discount tire coupons, promo codes, and deals

In starting of the season, there are many tire coupons and discounts which provide you the best deals. If you are lucky, you may get the best quality product at a much-discounted rate using a tire coupon.

Comparison of prices on genuine websites

Tire Rack, safecar.gov are some reputable websites where you can compare prices of different tire brands and get yourself the best deal.

Shop around

Shop till you don’t find the right price for a tire. Know what kind of tire you want and look for it in all the shops, ask for prices and then compare. You might get the best deal. You can also compare the online and offline stores prices. Look for a particular brand first on online sites and then the prices in offline stores and compare whether it is good to buy online or from the stores.

Replacing the tires is important and if you are trying to stick close to your budget then finding great deals on tires is equally important. With so many varieties around it is not easy to get the right deal or not get fooled by dealers. While dealers are looking for their profit, you look for yours, which is why, it is important for you to have some basic knowledge on tires, its specifics, quality, and its market prices.

Be a diligent consumer and don’t get easily tricked by the dealers. Make sure while buying the tires that you are buying the right one that isn’t old or worn out and you are investing your money in the right place.

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