How Effective is Laser Tattoo Removal?
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Just as the tattoo artist told you when you got it, tattoo removal will hurt.  For individuals with a design they no longer want, however, laser removal is sometimes a very attractive option.

The laser used to remove a tattoo selectively targets the pigments in your design.  The laser breaks the ink up in to tiny bits and your body consumes them, eliminating the color of the tattoo.  The success of these procedures is highest when they’re done on areas where you have a lot of fat, such as your arms, thighs or buttocks.  Finger, toe and facial tattoos are more complicated and may not be able to be removed in this way.

Laser tattoo removal, however, does have a good success rate.  If your tattoo is very old, it’s more likely to be removed successfully.  Modern inks and tattoo procedures are much more effective than they were in the past and newer tattoos are likely to be harder to remove. 

Some individuals may have tattoo work that advocates hate or criminal activity.  In some cases, you can get financial help removing these tattoos from some organizations and even some doctors. 

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